It Isn't the Cigarette That's the Treat if You're a Smoking Parent

Are you a parent who’s found that smoking and having a glass of wine at the end of the day has become your guilty pleasure?

And even though you see it as a special treat at the end of the day, you’re feeling trapped by it?

In this video, I walk you through why you fall into this trap that seems like a great reward on one hand, but also why you feel guilty over it.

I’m a parent, and I completely understand the stress of raising babies and how that stress feeds into your smoking addiction.

After all, I used to be a heavy smoker myself.

But it is possible to be a parent who quits smoking cold turkey. And it’s possible to quit smoking and still treat yourself in the way that you deserve.

Because it isn’t actually the cigarette that’s the treat at the end of the day. Your brain just sees it as the portal to that special alone time. And this video explains exactly why that is, and how to kick it.

Are you ready to quit smoking using hypnosis? Have you...

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Stopping Smoking Without Weight Gain is Completely Possible

Are you afraid that you’ll quit smoking cold turkey and gain weight?

Or maybe you’ve tried to stop smoking in the past, gained weight, then picked the cigarettes right back up.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You CAN stop smoking and not gain a single pound.

And in this video, I walk you through the three biggest fears and myths that people have about quitting smoking, one of those being weight gain.

But that’s not all…

I also give you the solutions to kick those fears and myths in the face.

It is completely possible to quit smoking using hypnosis, and not gain weight. Watch the video to learn more.

And if you’re ready to really kick that smoking or vaping habit, I encourage you to check out my free online masterclass, How to Stop Smoking Without Withdrawal, Cravings or Weight Gain. It’s an amazing tool to become a happy and healthy non-smoker once and for all.

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Why You're Vaping More Than You Smoked

Were you one of those who got caught in the trap of trading in cigarettes for vaping?

No one could blame you. After all, these vaping companies paid big money to convince people that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes.

But you’ve probably now found yourself vaping more than you were smoking to begin with. Am I right?

You might even go nuts when you can’t find your vape device, or run out of vape juice.

You probably vape in places that you wouldn’t normally smoke cigarettes, or in places that you weren’t able to smoke at before you started vaping.

You’re not alone on that.

In this video, I explain why you’re vaping more than you were smoking. And here’s a hint, it’s not just the nicotine.

And, I cover ways that you can stop vaping so much, or at all if you choose. 

And if you’re tired of the constant vaping and want to stop vaping cold turkey, I have some great news for you. My free online masterclass, How to Stop...

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With Smoking and Coronavirus Health Risks, Why Am I Not Stopping Smoking?

Have you been worried about the impact of smoking and the coronavirus and just wondering what the risks were?

Have you also been wondering why you are smoking more than you usually do even though you know there might be health risks involved? 

I want to cover with you: 

1) The risks of continuing to smoke during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

2) How when you stop smoking, how quickly your lungs can recover-- Because a lot of people think, “Well, it doesn't even matter, the damage has been done.”

3)  Tips to start stopping and a seat in my Free Masterclass “How to Stop Smoking without Withdrawal, Cravings or Weight Gain

My name is Rita black and I am a clinical hypnotherapist and smoking cessation expert. 

I've helped over 10,000 people become happy, healthy, non-smokers, non vapers. I am also a former pack and a half a day smoker. 


Even though I've been a non-smoker for over 25 years now, I certainly remember trying...

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How Does Smoking Impact the Effects of the Coronavirus?


Are you concerned about smoking and the coronavirus?

You’re probably smoking more than ever right now. You’re stressed, worried, concerned, and your normal routine has been completely turned upside down. But at the same time, you’re concerned that if you don’t quit smoking cold turkey, the coronavirus could impact you even worse than if you didn’t smoke.

In this video, I cover the risks of smoking and coronavirus, how quickly your lungs recover once you stop smoking cold turkey, and how it is possible to quit smoking during this time of stress and concern.

Here’s why you’re watching today…

  • You’re finding yourself smoking more than usual
  • You want to know if it is possible to quit smoking cold turkey even when it feels like the world has been turned upside down
  • You’re scared about how your smoking can make the coronavirus worse should you get it

Trust me, I understand. I once was a heavy smoker myself. And then I used quit...

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Inspirational Quit Smoking Quotes


Do you need some inspiration to quit smoking? 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we can ever stop smoking. Especially if we have struggled to stop in the past.

Here are a few stop smoking quotes we love, along with some additional inspiration from me, Rita, to give you some motivation to quit smoking for good.

"After the final no, there comes a yes. And on that yes, the future world depends." -Wallace Stevens

When we struggle and fail to quit smoking cold turkey (or vaping) a number of times, or with various nicotine replacement therapy--it’s hard to have faith in ourselves and our ability to finally be able stop permanently. It’s easy to believe “No. I can’t do this. I will never stop.” Having this limiting belief makes it even harder so try to resist.

Did you know that many people try to stop smoking 7-30 times before finally being successful? The quit smoking timeline is different for everyone.


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Uncover the 17 Myths That Keep You From Becoming a Non-Smoker

Have you been afraid of stopping smoking because you're worried about the withdrawals, or crazy cravings, or gaining weight and getting fat? You’re not alone! So many people allow the fears that surround stopping smoking to get in the way of them becoming free of the slavery of smoking. Well I’m about to bust the 17 biggest myths that surround becoming a non-smoker.

I've been a smoking cessation specialist for over 20 years and these are the main fears that most people have that get in their way of becoming a non-smoker. 

Myth #1: I Have an Addictive Personality

So number one is I have an addictive personality. Have you heard that one before? Have you been using that one yourself? Here's the thing about saying that you have an addictive completely takes your power away from you. You can absolutely stop smoking cold turkey when your mind is in the right place.

Smoking is Mental, But it Isn't Your Personality That's the Issue

The addiction to...

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The Shocking Hidden Costs of Smoking

Did you know that the part of your mind that smokes could care less about how much smoking costs? It's true. Eight out of ten people who smoke are not really focused on the expense of smoking. And yet we spend so much money smoking.

I want to walk you through the cost of smoking, not to shame you and not to put you down, but to empower you and to motivate you. Because once your rational brain sees the cost of smoking, it can really, really give you some power and some leverage to make that powerful decision to stop smoking cold turkey and be free once and for all.


It's interesting, because when I speak to clients or I get feedback from students in my online program, Smokefree123, I’ll ask if the expense bothers them. And sometimes people will say that if they stop to think about it, then yes it really does. But they also say they rarely think about it, they just pay the money. They don’t...

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Are You Ready to Stop Smoking Cold Turkey?


Think you are ready to quit smoking cold turkey? Really? Have you ever “thought” you were ready but then tried to quit smoking cold turkey and it didn’t work out? Did you know that about 80% of people who try to quit smoking are not really ready to stop smoking? Not being ready when you try to quit smoking is the main reason that most people don’t succeed-hands down.

If you've been trying to quit smoking and have been frustrated about the fact that you can stop for a day or two days, but you keep going back, chances are you just might not be mentally ready to quit smoking yet. 

I have made this AM I READY TO QUIT SMOKING QUIZ that is going to actually help you get really clear on whether or not you’re ready to truly stop smoking for good, not just stop smoking, but to stop smoking permanently. 

Now, don't worry, I'm won’t be grading you on this.

Good NEWS-even if you...

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How to Break Up With Smoking or Vaping


Are you still in a bit of a love affair with smoking or vaping? Well, if you're super into smoking, what I am about to say probably isn't for you. I have helped over 10,000 people become happy, healthy, non-smokers. And I'm also a former pack and a half a day smoker. So if you are feeling a bit worn down and enslaved by your relationship to smoking or vaping and you're feeling trapped in this relationship, here's the good news…

I am going to tell you how to break up with smoking, and stop smoking cold turkey once and for all. It's actually a five step process. So let's dig into it right now.


The first step that you want to take is to just own the fact that you love smoking or vaping. Why? We have a lot of guilt and shame about smoking. But then there's also this other part of our brain, which is what I call the “smoker brain” or the “vaper...

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