Smokefree123 is the Cutting Edge Hypnosis-Based Process That Shifts You From Smoker to Non-Smoker in One Easy Online Session

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The Smokefree123 Process uses a propriety 3-step blend of Hypnosis, Coaching and Support:

1. A specialized mindset video coaching session-that preps you to be a successful non-smoker

2. A tried and true smoking cessation audio hypnosis session –to decide you are a non-smoker

3. Follow up motivation, meditation audio, and daily hypnosis audio reinforcement-to begin living your life as a happy, healthy non-smoker


Why is it that hypnosis can help you overcome those fears and help you stop smoking so easily?


Most of the time when we “try not” to smoke with other methods or “cold turkey” our mind is focused on deprivation-that something we value and need (our cigarettes or vape) is being removed. We feel deprived, angry and agitated.

With my special method of coaching and hypnosis the need for smoking is removed because we SHIFT the focus of the mind on returning to its natural, original state of being a non-smokerfeeling free and healthy with a huge sense of relief to have control of your life back.


Are you skeptical about hypnosis? So was I at first! Here's how hypnosis helps you overcome those fears and stop smoking easily.


This short video explains how hypnosis helps you stop smoking.

Our mind is divided into conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind is 12% of your brain. That is the logical part of your mind that actually wants to quit smoking.

The subconscious 88% of the brain is the part that runs our habits. It wants to keep right on doing what it does, keeping you smoking. This part of the mind doesn't know how bad it is for you. It doesn't know that you feel controlled by smoking or hate the smell or cost. That's why you are still smoking despite knowing about all the downsides "consciously".

Hypnosis is a relaxed mind tool that allows us to directly communicate with the subconscious mind-and get that 88% realigned with the 12% of you. That allows 100% of you to decide to become a non-smoker. Then your whole mind can "decide" that stopping smoking can be easy and permanent.


Meet Mickey M. from Redondo Beach, CA.

Mickey became free from smoking over 12 years ago using my Smokefree123 process.

Watch to hear her describe her experience with using hypnosis to become smokefree.


What do you get when you purchase the Smokefree123 process?

Part 1: Get Started-Orientation and Prep

When you enroll, you'll get instant access to your program and begin with your Orientation Video and Success Prep Audio. This will show you how to navigate your program, and get you ready and excited for your actual Smokefree123 smoking cessation Program.

Next you'll be instructed to set up your Non-Smoking Appointment with yourself. This a 3-hour time frame that you set aside for yourself to go through Parts 2 & 3, which is your official “become a non-smoker session”.

Part 2: Coaching Videos-Your "Become a Non-Smoker" Coaching

From the comfort of your home you'll watch 3 coaching videos. In them Rita will guide you on your journey to becoming a non-smoker for good.

You'll get you ready and prepared to be a non-smoker using a specialized process that removes the fear and mental resistance while at the same time getting you fully excited and prepared for your new life as a non-smoker.

Part 3: Hypnosis-Your "Become a Non-Smoker" Hypnosis Session

Now it is time to really relax! You'll listen to a specialized hypnosis audio where master hypnotherapist Rita Black guides you through a session that has helped over 10,000 people become non-smokers.

In this session your mind will let go of it’s slavery to smoking and embrace the powerful and healthy lifestyle of a non-smoker once and for all.


Part 4: Ongoing Support

After becoming a non-smoker you will receive 7 days of follow up emails containing inspiration, meditations and reinforcement hypnosis sessions to continue feeling confident and free as you embark on your new life as a permanent non-smoker.


Part 5: Smokefree123 Bonuses

I don’t just want you to become a non-smoker. I want you to become a happy, healthy non-smoker. So, I've included 4 powerful mini-course bonuses based on the biggest fears that most people have when stopping smoking.

Bonus 1: Non-Smoking Stress Management 101

Worried about freaking out once you stop smoking?  You can learn to manage your stress as a non-smoker! 

My mini-course includes both a video coaching hypnosis and a stress management audio hypnosis session to guide you through some easy and powerful tools for dealing with stress and emotions.


Bonus 2: Non-Smoking Weight Management 101

Many women (and men too) fear gaining weight once they stop smoking. This session includes a video of me coaching you through some great strategies for maintaining your weight after you become smokefree. I also include a great audio hypnosis session called “Manage your Sugar Cravings” that helps shut off the desire for sweets and carbs.


Bonus 3: The Social Non-Smoker

“Will I ever have fun again once I stop smoking?” Are you someone who thinks that becoming a non-smoker removes the ability to gather with friends and let your hair down, especially when alcohol is involved?

Don’t worry! In this powerful bonus section I walk you through how to really enjoy your social life as a non-smoker. The pre-social event audio meditation is perfect to listen to before you go out the first couple of times, so that you're ready to let the non-smoking good times roll.


Bonus 4: Vapefree 101

Nowadays many people have picked up vaping as well as smoking. Or they just use a vape or e-cigarette. This coaching session prepares you to use Smokefree123 successfully to put the nicotine habit behind you. There is also a hypnosis session more focused on vaping to use instead of the other hypnosis session for smoking cessation.


So what is the cost for the Smokefree123 process?

The value of the entire Smokefree123 process is well over $1,200

But for a limited time, I'm offering you a special price of only


This price is only available for a limited time, so enroll today to receive this proven program at this amazing price. 


The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Promise of Smokefree123 


Smokefree123 is designed to facilitate your breakthrough from enslaved smoker to free and happy non-smoker.

The process gives you the coaching, hypnosis, meditations, motivation and support to achieve the unthinkable-becoming a non-smoker in one easy, 3 hour online session.

Our 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee allows you to go through the program and if you aren't satified to receive a full refund. All you have to do is contact us at [email protected].


The Value of Smokefree123 


Smokefree123 Program Total Value: $500.00

Non-Smoking Stress Management Bonus Value: $197.00

Non-Smoking Weight Management 101 Value: $197.00

The Social Non-Smoker Value: $197.00

Vapefree 101 Value: $197.00

Total Value: $1,288.00



Your questions about hypnosis and Smokefree123 answered...

Get started the moment you join Smokefree123

Upon enrolling in Smokefree123, you will immediately receive...

YOUR WELCOME EMAIL You will be sent a welcome email with a video from me showing you around and orienting you to your Smokefree123 program.

ACCESS TO YOUR SMOKEFREE123 PROGRAM You will get access to your Smokefree123 program site where your entire program is hosted. Make sure to save your password for easy access. You begin with the Preparation phase-Getting Ready for 100% Success!

I look forward to starting your on your journey to becoming a non-smoker!


Rita Black