Try These 3 Meditations to Help With Quitting Smoking

If you've been trying to quit smoking cold turkey, maybe you are beginning to notice that what you need is more of a mental edge over your stopping than just the physical nicotine part? You are absolutely right. More than 80% of stopping smoking is mental!

I would like to walk you through three meditations that are going to really give you much more of a mental edge over your stopping smoking. 

How can meditation help you stop smoking?

THE 12%/ 88% MIND

Our mind is divided into two--the conscious and the subconscious.

12% of the mind is the conscious willpower part of the brain. So when you're trying to quit smoking, really that is only how much of your brain really, truly wants to quit smoking. 

Our subconscious mind--which makes up our habit, beliefs and emotions is about 88% of our mind. Our subconscious minds primary focus is to keep things as they are. So if we smoke, the subconscious believes that we need to smoke to survive and it will protect that belief.

So, even...

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