Stop Feeling Guilty for Being a Smoking Mom

If you’re a mom that smokes and you’re feeling that “smoking mom guilt” , I want you to stop feeling guilty. 

I've got three big tips to help you not only stop feeling guilty, but to really start moving towards being a mom who can quit smoking cold turkey. 

Moms Shed a Lot of Tears Over Smoking

I’ve worked with so many moms in my clinical practice in Los Angeles, and I’ve seen a lot of tears in that practice. 

Tears from moms who feel bad because they’re hiding outside in the backyard to smoke, hiding from their kids. Or they can’t wait until their kids go to bed at night so they can sneak out onto the porch to have a glass of wine and smoke. 

First off, I want you to know that you’re not alone. There are a lot of moms who smoke. But what I see a lot when moms try to stop smoking, are mistakes. 

Actually, there’s TWO main mistakes that I see moms make who are trying to stop smoking. 


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