Parents, Has Smoking and Drinking Become Your Evening Reward?

Are you a mom or a dad who thinks that smoking or vaping with your drink of choice at the end of the day are an inseparable pair? Maybe this is also something you feel trapped by?

It’s easy to fall into this trap of thinking that a cigarette or vaping at the end of the day with your wine, beer or cocktail is a treat that you can’t live without. But ultimately, the honest result is it leaves you feeling guilty, am I right?


I’m a parent, so I get it. You feel like you’ve made it through the day without anyone ending up in the hospital, the kids are fed, loved, and tucked into their bed. You’ve juggled a million things, and now it’s time to sneak outside to the porch or patio and unwind with your cigarettes or your vaping device and your glass. Guess what? It’s not your fault that you see this as a reward. And you’re not alone. A lot of parents feel this way. I have parents who come into my practice several times...

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