You Can Relax as a Non-Smoker

relaxation stop smoking Jun 17, 2019

Here’s a question for you...

Does smoking really relax you? Or is it that we only think it’s relaxing us but it isn’t?

That’s exactly what I’ll be digging into, because a lot of people who want to stop smoking cold turkey, don’t, because they believe that smoking is the only way they can relax or handle stress. 

What Makes Us Think That Smoking Relaxes Us?

Why do we think smoking relaxes us? Let me begin by discussing why smoking does not relax us. What smoking actually does is it agitates your mind. And so, when we expect a cigarette at a certain time, our mind becomes agitated. Most people smoke on a schedule or in a set pattern. For example, at certain times in their morning, or during breaks at work. When you can’t have that cigarette at that specific time, you become stressed and agitated. This applies to vaping as well. So if you’re trying to stop smoking by vaping, the same applies to you.

Why Does It Do That?


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