It Isn't the Cigarette That's the Treat if You're a Smoking Parent

Are you a parent who’s found that smoking and having a glass of wine at the end of the day has become your guilty pleasure?

And even though you see it as a special treat at the end of the day, you’re feeling trapped by it?

In this video, I walk you through why you fall into this trap that seems like a great reward on one hand, but also why you feel guilty over it.

I’m a parent, and I completely understand the stress of raising babies and how that stress feeds into your smoking addiction.

After all, I used to be a heavy smoker myself.

But it is possible to be a parent who quits smoking cold turkey. And it’s possible to quit smoking and still treat yourself in the way that you deserve.

Because it isn’t actually the cigarette that’s the treat at the end of the day. Your brain just sees it as the portal to that special alone time. And this video explains exactly why that is, and how to kick it.

Are you ready to quit smoking using hypnosis? Have you...

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Stopping Smoking Without Weight Gain is Completely Possible

Are you afraid that you’ll quit smoking cold turkey and gain weight?

Or maybe you’ve tried to stop smoking in the past, gained weight, then picked the cigarettes right back up.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You CAN stop smoking and not gain a single pound.

And in this video, I walk you through the three biggest fears and myths that people have about quitting smoking, one of those being weight gain.

But that’s not all…

I also give you the solutions to kick those fears and myths in the face.

It is completely possible to quit smoking using hypnosis, and not gain weight. Watch the video to learn more.

And if you’re ready to really kick that smoking or vaping habit, I encourage you to check out my free online masterclass, How to Stop Smoking Without Withdrawal, Cravings or Weight Gain. It’s an amazing tool to become a happy and healthy non-smoker once and for all.

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How to Uncouple Wine and Cigarettes

Cheers darling.

Do wine and cigarettes go together for you like Romeo and Juliet, or like cheese and crackers? Well, here's the thing...if you've been trying to quit smoking cold turkey but the wine and cigarettes have become a problem for you, or you always go back to smoking when you drink, there's probably a couple of mistakes that you’re making that you can easily correct so that you can consciously uncouple the wine from the cigarettes.

My name is Rita black and I am a clinical hypnotherapist and I am the creator of Smokefree123, which is an online stop smoking hypnotherapy program. I am a smoking cessation specialist and I am most importantly, a former pack and a half a day smoker. 

I Used to Love Smoking While Drinking my Glass of Wine

I used to drink wine and smoke a lot of cigarettes at the same time. And I did think that wine and cigarettes were the perfect pair. They were kind of just like two peas in a pod, so to speak. But if you want to quit smoking cold...

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Coffee and Cigarettes-The Infamous Couple

Is your coffee routine the thing that gets you up and going in the morning?

And anytime that you tried to stop smoking cold turkey, is coffee the thing that you miss the most?

My name is Rita Black and I am a clinical hypnotherapist, a smoking cessation specialist and the creator of Smokefree123, which is an online stop smoking hypnotherapy program. But I'm also a former pack and a half a day smoker.

My Morning Coffee and Cigs Were Everything

I remember smoking it up in the morning with my cup of joe. And that was my big morning event that got me out of bed and got me going for the day. And I just thought that I never could stop smoking cold turkey because of the relationship I had with coffee and cigarettes. But I'm here to tell you I've been a happy, healthy non-smoker for over 23 years and I love coffee more than ever as a non-smoker. And you can too.

I just want to cover a few mistakes that people make when they try to quit smoking regarding coffee and their morning routine....

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