Inspirational Quit Smoking Quotes


Do you need some inspiration to quit smoking? 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we can ever stop smoking. Especially if we have struggled to stop in the past.

Here are a few stop smoking quotes we love, along with some additional inspiration from me, Rita, to give you some motivation to quit smoking for good.

"After the final no, there comes a yes. And on that yes, the future world depends." -Wallace Stevens

When we struggle and fail to quit smoking cold turkey (or vaping) a number of times, or with various nicotine replacement therapy--it’s hard to have faith in ourselves and our ability to finally be able stop permanently. It’s easy to believe “No. I can’t do this. I will never stop.” Having this limiting belief makes it even harder so try to resist.

Did you know that many people try to stop smoking 7-30 times before finally being successful? The quit smoking timeline is different for everyone.


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