Smokefree123 Testimonials and Success Stories

Happy and healthy non-smokers share their success stories from using the Smokefree123 program.

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She Finally Found Freedom as a Non-Smoker

Freedom....I thought I had it all these years but until TODAY, writing this testimonial, I realize it was an illusion. Smoking had me a prisoner for 48 years! I started at age 12 and now turning 62...I am now a non-smoker, and will be a non-smoker the rest of my life! I tried so many other avenues to quit until I found Rita and Smokefree123. I knew it would work because I was ready for it to. Rita will tell you, she has no magic wand. But what she does have is the means to successfully get you to the place you want to be....SMOKE FREE. She is the coach with the proven tools, the supporter every step of the way. I thank you so much Rita for everything! I hope others will seek you and your program out and begin to move forward on their journey to self preservation and LIFE!

Kimberly George, Long Beach, CA. Smokefree123 Member

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Chris Thought She Could Never Quit...

I am currently 57 and I was a smoker for 40+ years until just over a week ago. I heavily relied on those cigs to still get me thru the day for all those years. Mainly for health reasons, I decided it was way overdue to stop. I stumbled onto Rita's "Smokefree123" program on Facebook, and did a little digging. 

Sure glad I did because I am finally a healthy, happy non-smoker and I won't ever go back to smoking! Rita has this program specifically designed to set you up to SUCCEED in staying a happy, healthy non-smoker for the rest of your life. Great comprehensive program! I never thought I could quit smoking for good...until now! Cheers to you Rita and thanks once again for changing my life for the better!

Chris Beaton, Cranbrook, British Columbia. Smokefree123 Member

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She Has Absolutely no Desire to Smoke Ever Again...

Thank you so much! I was quite ready to be rid of cigarettes. I smoked for 38 years, mostly lightly, but still I as an every day smoker. I was ready, and frankly, your words and your program really put me in the right place. I have no desire to smoke. Ever again. If I need coaching, because yes, it’s easy to resume, especially with a smoker in the house (not smoking in the house), I will keep my Smokefree123 program information handy. Bless your heart Rita for this amazing program!

Nancy Simari, Mastic Beach, NY. Smokefree123 Member

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She Was Fed Up With Smoking Taking Away Her Health and Her Time...

Life as a smoker really took away a lot of my time. I realize that I stopped so many times just to have a nasty cigarette. I am now completing more, and moving around more during the day.

I have tried so many other ways to stop smoking such as patches, actual hypnosis and of course cold turkey but never succeeded. The longest I would ever last would be perhaps the nine months during my two pregnancies and maybe no more than two months to a year.

Why one would start smoking again after a year is unbeknownst to me but I did it many times. I have emphysema and COPD and I have been trying to quit for so long; really struggling in the last year.

I came across the Smokefree123 program on Facebook and I decided for the cost, why not give it a try? It says it’s 100% guaranteed.

My favorite part of the program is that the preparation before the actual hypnosis videos, I think really helped me to be prepared. I was really quite amazed at how well it did work for me. Being a skeptic I was quite surprised.

I can say that it even made me tear up sometimes, especially when I was repeating my mantra. I know that my life will be much healthier, I will feel better and even perhaps stronger.

So far I'm not worrying about reaching for more to eat and I am just trying to stay busy with my day. When I have any urge-which by the way are becoming less and less throughout the day-I just do as I was taught by the program and it works so well. I can enjoy a cocktail without a cigarette as well.

I am even finding that being around others who do smoke is not a problem for me. I am so proud of myself for finding this program and I thank Rita Black from the bottom of my heart. I am glad that I have the support of the videos to use whenever I feel necessary to use them. I enjoy having the stress video as well. I could just happily say that I am a happy confident non-smoker for the rest of my life!

Katherine Kennedy, Smokefree123 Member

He Doesn't Even Want a Cigarette Anymore...

I'm loving being a non-smoker. I can actually feel the difference in my body doesn't want it at all. I am committed to NEVER having a cig again!!

A. Fisher, Seattle, Washington. Smokefree123 Member

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No More Panicking Trying to Sneak in a Cigarette...

I'm a month away from a full year as a non-smoker and I couldn't be happier. I'd quit cold turkey for about a year but was never able to keep it up. I admit I was skeptical about hypnosis, but I'm a believer now - never had a single craving and NO regrets. I smoked for 30 years, never more than a half a pack a day but still, it was an obsession and I couldn't imagine life without cigarettes. I can breathe deeply again and I don't smell like a freakin' ashtray anymore. No more panic attacks at the airport or long flights or sneaking away to have a cigarette - all the social anxiety I felt as a smoker in an increasingly non-smoking world is completely gone and I couldn't be happier. Not expensive considering the lifetime benefits. Worth. Every. Penny. THANK YOU RITA AND SMOKEFREE123!

Leo C., Brea, CA. Smokefree123 Member

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Allie is Loving Her New Non-Smoking Life...

Life is going great as a happy, healthy non-smoker!! Seriously, this is the first time that I’ve quit and actually feel like I’m done with it. In fact, I don’t want one - at all. It's a really amazing feeling!! I feel like a switch has been turned off. It's so liberating. I’m officially on 18 days as a non-smoker and feel really positive about all of it! I have more energy than ever before, feel like the color has come back to my face, and I love the fact my hair isn’t a putrid mess - I’m just so happy!! The other day I had extra energy and went for a three mile run - I haven’t run in years! It's just incredible. I’m super happy with your program and have been recommending it to anyone who will listen. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It feels so good to respect and cherish myself again and to not be slowly killing myself every day.

Allie S., Chicago, IL. Smokefree123 Member

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Ken finds smoking freedom at 80-it's never too late ...

Following decades of futile and frustrating attempts to kick the nicotine addiction, I’m enthused and excited to report I’ve finally regained a non-smoker status, thanks to SmokeFree123. I must say I was most impressed with the program from all perspectives, superbly organized and effective. In years past I had tried nicotine patches to acupuncture and everything in between, all except hypnotherapy which is featured in SmokeFree123. With hypnotherapy and meditative practices being relatively foreign to me, I found them both fascinating and effective in the overall process. While difficult to conclude definitively what made this program so much better, it seemed obvious to me the greatest factor was the heavy emphasis on the positive, stated most simply as new doors were being opened rather than old ones closed, or being enthused about new and healthy outlooks and opportunities without wasting any energy on what was given up. I would also suggest the reinforcement videos available have been helpful and effective as well. While it’s been just weeks so far, I am totally confident it will soon be months and then years when I will claim proudly I am a non-smoker and will be a non-smoker for the rest of my life, thanks to SmokeFree123 , so very grateful I learned about this program.

Ken, Smokefree123 Member

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Jill Was a Skeptic, Until it Worked for Her...

I had to wait at least two weeks before admitting that after decades of "trying" to quit...I couldn't do it on my own. One go with the Smokefree123 program and I haven't smoked in almost 3 months now! No one believes that hypnosis works and I am as much of a skeptic as the next person, and I've been looking for a magic cure and for whatever reason...this worked! So far so good. I found Rita online, found her program Smokefree123, and gave it a shot. I'm so glad I did. She is awesome and now... I am awesome awesome non-smoker. One program saved my life.

Jill S., Redondo, CA. Smokefree123 Member

After 38 Years, She Gave it up...

I smoked between 20-25 smokes a day for 38 years. I am happy to report that I am a non-smoker thanks to you and your Smokefree123 program! In the past when I have tried to stop smoking, my stress and anxiety levels were through the roof...not this time. I also appreciate the opportunities you give for stress and weight management after. I really can’t thank you enough. I do feel lighter and happier and extremely proud of myself!

Cindy P., Boston, MA. Smokefree123 Member

He's Loving the Huge Amount of Money He's Saved...

It has been a little over a year and I am so glad I used Rita's program, Smokefree123. Sometimes I'll get stressed or bored and my brain will say "Hey!" but somehow Rita's program stops the urge right there. It works. I have been to parties and people were smoking and it really didn't faze me. I spent the last year just cleaning my office, car, and apartment from the cigarette smoke. I'm so grateful. I also saved over $2,100.00 the last year. Thank you!!

Edward D., Pittsburgh, PA. Smokefree123 Member

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Vaping is Now a Thing of the Past for Her...

This program was just what I needed to put the vaping down for good. Thank you!

Sheila Yount, Macon, GA. Smokefree123 Member

It's Like She Never Smoked a Day in Her Life...

I wanted to say that I'm so grateful for your program. In one session, it's like I've never smoked a single day in my life. I only had two days of withdrawals. During which I never wanted to smoke or vape the entire time. I sleep better, I breathe better, I feel better! All because of Rita's program. Thank you so much!

Serena Dodds, Arcadia, CA. Smokefree123 Member

Over a Year Later and Still a Non-Smoker...

Rita is amazing. I'd never tried hypnosis and went into it thinking "Okay, good luck Rita. I'm too strong-willed for this to work". When I completed the Smokefree123 program, I finished as a non-smoker, with really only faint memories of having been a smoker. She just broke the connection in my mind to smoking. She's calming, warm, clear and most importantly effective. Now over a year later, I know I am a non-smoker for the rest of my life. Thank you Rita and the Smokefree123 program!!

J.W., Macon, GA. Smokefree123 Member

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He Hasn't Smoked, Even Though He's Been in Tough Situations...

I have no words to fully and properly express how grateful I am to Rita and her program. I was an addicted, committed smoker for 17 years. I needed my filthy, disgusting habit and it was a part of me for half of my life. I'm 35 years old and I'd never gone more than 48 hours without a cigarette since I began smoking. I wanted to quit, but cold turkey wasn't going to happen for me. I decided to do Rita's program, thinking to myself "What do I have to lose by trying hypnosis?" I write this review 14 days after I completed Rita's program, and I've not had a cigarette or even a serious craving since. Rita's Smokefree123 program made me a non-smoker for the rest of my life and I have no doubts that I'll remain a non-smoker. I've been around temptations since I became a non-smoker. I've drank alcohol to excess where my willpower was out the window, I've been around friends smoking in front of me and there is no trigger that requires a cigarette. If you want to stop smoking, and bring out your inner non-smoker, Rita's program can help you. One million thank-you's to Rita for my non-smoking life!

J.C., Portland, OR. Smokefree123 Member

20 Years as a Smoker are a Thing of the Past...

Things are going great. I feel so much healthier! I was smoking a pack a day for over 20 years. I'm doing great, Rita's program Smokefree123 is wonderful. I'm using the smoking cessation reinforcement meditations every day. Thank you so much!!!

T. Jaikins, Salt Lake City, UT. Smokefree123 Member

8 Months of Freedom...

Rita's program is amazing! I gave Smokefree123 a shot to quit my nicotine addiction which I had struggled with on and off for 20 years. It's now been about 8 months since I completed the program and I still have no inclination to vape or smoke. It's so liberating! Plus my lungs feel so clean and healthy now. I highly highly recommend Smokefree123.

Mason M., Las Vegas, NV. Smokefree123 Member

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Vicki Tried Everything, But Only One Thing Worked...

Rita Black and her Smokefree123 program are miracle workers. After 50 years as a pack-a-day smoker, with her help I was able to quit. Most hypnotherapy I tried was so ineffective that I ended up smoking right after. Thirty years ago, with hypnosis, I quit for 6 months — but ate every Sara Lee product that wasn't nailed down. (Self-control was never my strong suit.) I just wasn't me without a cigarette in my hand. I always knew it was horrible and stupid — especially because my mother had died of lung cancer. (My smoking outside the funeral home was not a good look + drew plenty of stares.) But I was addicted, so resigned myself to puffing away for the rest of my life.

Then, last summer, my birthday brought a sudden urge to quit. Minus much will power, I believed hypnosis was my only hope. Someone recommended Rita's program, that specialized in smoking cessation and claimed a high success rate. I was skeptical. But after going through Rita's Smokefree123 program, I haven't smoked in over a whole year! Not since 2:30 p.m. on August 18, 2018. It’s actually been relatively easy. My friends and family are shocked — frankly, so am I. And no Sara Lee binges this time! For those who are hopelessly hooked, Rita's Smokefree123 program is truly a lifesaver.

Vicki Radovsky, Hollywood, CA. Smokefree123 Member

Her Excitement Over Being Free is Contagious...

I did Rita's program almost exactly 1 month ago. I didn't want to do a review until some time has gone by so I could talk about real results. Since completing her program on August 28, I have haven't had a cigarette. I don't want one and most importantly, I'm not chained to them anymore. I am free! I will continue living my life as a non-smoker. I can have a glass of wine as a non-smoker, I can have conversations with people who are smoking as a non-smoker, and I can be stressed out and cope as a non-smoker also. It's fantastic! ‍

Rita's program really gets into your subconscious and teaches you that it is really up to you! You've just got to be the boss of your body and what you chose to do and not do. She reminds you how powerful you actually are over something so silly as a cigarette. Change your life today and enroll in Smokefree123. It's time don't you think?

LA P., Mexico City, MX. Smokefree123 Member

32 Years of Being a Slave to Cigarettes is Gone...

I started smoking when I was 12 years old, and smoked on and off alternating with cigarettes, nicotine gum and nicotine patches for the next 32 years. Even when I had nearly no nicotine for years, I would fantasize about smoking, and bum cigarettes. Seeing someone smoke was such an intense temptation. I chewed nicotine gum for years continually until my hair started falling out. I tried so many things, I read Allen Carr's the easy way to quit smoking and the easy way for women to quit smoking about dozen times between the two. I seem to have developed rheumatoid arthritis which is terrible and terrifying, and smoking is a cause for it which I hadn't known before. I had to quit, but also didn't think I could. I have a couple of friends who quit smoking decades ago with hypnosis, and I also kept thinking about how Allen Carr mentions in the beginning of his book that he actually quit himself with hypnosis! I found Rita's program, Smokefree123, online with all of these incredible reviews. I smoked as much as I cared to/could until I did the program, and have not had one puff of, nor serious interest in, one cigarette since. When the thought or feeling that I used to react to of smoking hits me now, I instantly hear Rita say that if that happens, I will take three deep breaths, it will almost be a compulsion, and this is what I do, although by the time I even get to the second, I've forgotten about the idea of smoking altogether. I got a quit tracker app and I now have been a non-smoker for almost ninety two days, have saved nearly $1,000, and I'm really enjoying how deeply/clearly I'm starting to breathe. The circles under my eyes are going away, I'm beginning to look and feel better. I can't believe how easy it was! I highly recommend Rita's program if you are a smoker or nicotine addict wanting to stop. Thank you so much Rita and Smokefree123, I am so grateful!!!

Gretchen R., Dallas, TX. Smokefree123 Member

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He is Loving His New Life Without Cigarettes...

Thank you! You have saved my life! As a pack and a half a day smoker for over 20 years, I thought it would be impossible to quit. This was a game changer, a life saver, and the best thing I've done to improve my overall wellbeing and health.

Peter C., Toronto, Ontario. Smokefree123 Member

She Forgot She Used to Smoke...

Highly recommend this program! Absolutely works! In fact, I forgot I used to smoke! Rita and Smokefree123 were amazing, interesting, cool and most importantly, effective.

Michelle G., West Hollywood, CA. Smokefree123 Program

She's Yet Another Non-Smoker for Life...

Oh Rita! You and your program, Smokefree123, are truly the best. I wish I had heard of you 20 years ago. Your creative approach and helpful hints are so powerful and your loving attitude is great. Thank you again, from yet another non-smoker!

Nanci Simari, Mastic Beach, NY. Smokefree123 Member

A Vaping Addiction Kicked Forever...

I was highly addicted to the vape for over a year and have tried quitting cold turkey many times. I was close to losing hope, however Rita and her program changed my life. It's been one week since I completed Smokefree123 and I have quit vaping completely. I highly recommend Smokefree123 for anyone who is serious about quitting nicotine. It truly works!

Jordan L., Garden City, NJ. Smokefree123 Member

She's in Shock Over the Transformation...

Thank you! I’m still in shock. I just keep thinking that this can’t be true. I listened to your Smoking Cessation Reinforcement Hypnosis in the tub last night with the bubbles and the candles. I repeated the mantra as I rode my bike with the guys today and felt really good and was able to keep their 23mph pace longer than usual. You and your Smokefree123 program are so special and amazing! THANK YOU!

Cheryl M., Billings, MT. Smokefree123 Member

What An Incredible Success Story...

I was never a heavy smoker, but was consistent for 25 or more years. As a middle aged woman, I had had enough. The shame, guilt, humiliation and all around ridiculousness of still smoking was making me insane. However, I still loved it as a break and for my time alone, or to avoid getting angry about something, or to walk the dog etc. I would just go outside and smoke.

I actually used my smoking time to meditate. I also used it as an excuse to relax and look at social media and read the news on my phone, or talk on the phone. I used it to escape my family. I would relax for those 10 minutes then be anxious in between my smoking times, waiting to do it again. I never smoked more than 10 cigarettes a day, ever, and mostly it was a lot less. But still, it was a love/hate struggle every day. I waited almost a year to do Smokefree123.

I now know that my anxiety about quitting was unnecessary. I set a time for doing the program and went away for a week, thinking I would do it during that week. I waited until the very last 4 hours of the day that I was to leave and smoked more than usual the week before. Finally, I sat down and committed the time. I was hooked in immediately. I was astonished at how much information about smoking I was unaware of. I also was riveted by Rita's way of explaining things. Simple and very calming.

I loved listening to her and watching her tell me about what would happen. After 6+ weeks, I have been through all of my 'triggers' by now: stress, seeing good friends for coffee/cigs, long drives, fighting with my sister, fighting with my husband, annoyance with my teenager, sadness over parental death, and relaxing time on the porch with my tea and the newspaper.

I have come through those moments as a non-smoker! The memory of smoking during these times is in the past. I have also not gained much weight, a few pounds, that do not feel heavy but feel normal. I have so much more energy to walk (my preferred mode of exercise) because I can breath again. For the last few years I have been having serious trouble getting a full breath. That is gone, and I breath healthy air normally now.

I do not feel dehydrated and exhausted from smoking. I want to move my body more. I can walk up steps without huffing and puffing. Most of all, I do not have to sneak away in shame to have my smoke, I do not have to worry about hugging all of the people I love because I might smell of my last cigarette. I do not need to worry about sleeping over at a non-smoking friend's house, because I do not need to go outside and smoke, and feel like a dummy. I do not have to think to myself,  "I bet they dont smoke" when I see a healthy looking person walking down the street. I can spend hours with people or participate in an activity without the worry that I will need to go off and smoke by myself hiding behind some tree or building. I can freely give rides to anyone I want without my car smelling of smoke.

C. Patterson, New Haven, CT. Smokefree123 Member

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She Thought She Had Tried Everything...

I have been trying to quit for so long and thought I had tried everything until I saw the ad for Smokefree123 hypnosis is the only thing that I hadn’t tried. I like the program and the support. Knowing that I have the daily coaching which I can listen to when ever I have a stressful moment or smoking thought really helps me. I've never had that before which is probably why I never lasted...until now.

Kim Leitchfield, Smokefree123 Member

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It's Never Too Late to Become a Happy and Healthy Non-Smoker...

I had smoked for 60 years. I am now 77 years old. I tried everything to quit and I couldn't. Since doing the Smokefree123 program recently, I no longer am a smoker. I am so grateful to Rita and her Smokefree123 method. Some days the thought of a cigarette appears in my mind, but I am now a non-smoker and I will be a non-smoker for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Smokefree123!

Liliana Matturro, Smokefree123 Member

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Darlene Loves That She Didn't Have to Give Up Her Breaks When She Quit Smoking...

I'm now 52 and I realized my health had drastically deteriorated fast. I wasn't able to quit smoking, as I tried many times to get to the point where I just quit but I couldn't. So I saw the Smokefree123 program advertising and said what do I have to lose?

At first I thought I enjoyed smoking and quickly realized I did not. It was the breaks it gave me that I enjoyed, and I thought I couldn't give those up. Which meant that I couldn't stop smoking.

I quickly realized through the Smokefree123 process I didn't need smoking to take a break. I truly could take breaks as a NON-SMOKER. Breaking the connection is what this process helped me with.

Freedom to be a NON-SMOKER and do things just the same as I used to, just not with a cigarette in my hand. The freedom of letting go of the lies and manipulation that smoking creates in the deepest parts of your subconscious is wicked. It's so rewarding when you come to the realization that you can take back control and guide yourself to a better and more healthy lifestyle. Freedom from all addiction that holds you back from life.

I'm truly free and will be a NON-SMOKER for the rest of my life. I am so glad I took the chance on the Smokefree123 program and hypnosis sessions. This process was gentle but helped me to take a strong conviction and make that decision to become a NON-SMOKER. It prepared my mind for moving forward into a new life.

Each step gave me more confidence, courage, and a better understanding of the addiction. It really is a mental illness that when channeled correctly can free you from the spell it chains you to. I loved the visual part of the process, it went deeper into my subconscious and literally killed the cigarette monster. From that moment I knew I was free for life.

It was a beautiful journey and can be applied to almost anything that is not healthy in life and change it. Thank you Rita and Smokefree123 for the beautiful process you so lovingly put together to help those who truly want to be helped into a better lifestyle.

Darlene Herbert, Smokefree123 Member

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Susan Finally Found Something That Worked For Her...

Year after year I’ve attempted to quit using many different methods. Until March. I figured I would try hypnosis again and it worked! I feel so much better, I can breathe again! My body is still adjusting and healing from years of polluting it with the horrible chemicals and cigarettes. I now have more money weekly and more time. My smell has returned and my taste buds, and I overall feel so much healthier and I have a better positive image of myself. I’m so glad I found your program Smokefree123. It has changed my life!

Susan Watterson, Smokefree123 Member

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Ilona's Best Decision in Life...

Smokefree123 was the best thing I ever done for myself.

Ilona Mills, Smokefree123 Member

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