YOU, the Non-Smoker? Yes, it's Possible


Have you been trying to stop smoking or vaping but haven't been able to yet? You're not alone! Many people struggle to quit smoking. And it's not due to lack of willpower or discipline.

What keeps smokers smoking even when they want to stop is subconscious mental resistance.

Learn how to remove the mental resistance to smoking so that you can stop more easily and finally be free…

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In my FREE online webinar you will get both answers and real solutions that can help you in ending your relationship to smoking (or vaping) easily and naturally.

Rita Black, Smoking Cessation Expert


My name is Rita Black, and I am a leading smoking cessation expert, as well as a former pack-and-a-half a day smoker. I failed to stop smoking many times before finally becoming free 25 years ago when I quit smoking cold turkey with hypnosis.

For the last 20 years I have helped smokers transform themselves into non-smokers easily and naturally with my specialized online stop smoking hypnotherapy process, Smokefree123.

Stop Smoking Easily as Seen on TV

Rita Black is a leading smoking cessation expert/hypnotherapist, seminar leader and best-selling author.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Stop Smoking Easily?

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We have two parts to our mind-the Conscious and Subconscious. 

The conscious mind is the part of our mind that wants to stop smoking. This is the part of our mind where our willpower and our desire to stop smoking lives, and it’s only 12% of our mind’s power.

The subconscious mind is 88% of our minds power. This is where our habits and beliefs around smoking live. Our subconscious mind is driven to keep things exactly as they are. This is why you experience such resistance when you try to stop smoking.

Hypnosis is a relaxed mind state where the subconscious mind becomes more open to ideas of change and can become aligned with the desires of the conscious mind.

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Smokefree123-The Best Choice For Smoking Cessation With Hypnosis

Smokefree123 online-hypnosis based smoking cessation is the easy and inexpensive way to stop smoking using the power of hypnotherapy.

Most in-office hypnosis smoking cessation treatments:

  • Require you to visit their office 2-6 times
  • Can run into hundreds, even thousands of dollars
  • Aren’t guaranteed

Smokefree123 Online Hypnosis-Based Smoking Cessation:

  • Allows you to stop smoking from the comfort (and safety) of your home
  • Can be completed in one session
  • Is a low cost option
  • Is guaranteed

Over 10,000 Happy and Healthy Non-Smokers

Rita has been helping people become non-smokers for 2 decades. She has helped everyone from celebrities, top CEOS and high ranking government officials to teachers, nurses, homemakers retirees, entrepreneurs, and bus drivers. Basically, just about everyone! Including people who have smoked 10 years, 30 years, or 60 years. It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you have smoked, it is possible for you to stop smoking easily when your mind is in the right place.

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"Thank you so much! I was quite ready to be rid of cigarettes. I smoked for 38 years, mostly lightly, but still I as an every day smoker. I was ready, and frankly, your words and your program really put me in the right place. I have no desire..."

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"Following decades of futile and frustrating attempts to kick the nicotine addiction, I’m enthused and excited to report I’ve finally regained a non-smoker status, thanks to SmokeFree123. I must say I was most impressed..."

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Do You Have Questions?

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Often people who have been frustrated because they can’t stop smoking have lots of questions about why they haven’t been able to stop. They're baffled-why am I still smoking even though I want to stop?

Join my FREE Masterclass, How to Stop Smoking Without Withdrawal, Cravings or Weight Gain

In this masterclass, I answer questions like...

IS MY ADDICTION TO SMOKING (OR VAPING) ALL IN MY MIND? Discover why your mental dependency keeps you smoking far more than the addiction to nicotine.

WHAT CAN I DO TO STOP SMOKING? Learn the mental steps of stopping smoking, the quit smoking timeline, and how you can use them after my class to end your slavery.**** FYI These are the same mental shifts that I use in my Smokefree123 process that has helped over 10,000 people become happy, healthy non-smokers.****

WHY DO I KEEP SMOKING EVEN THOUGH I REALLY WANT TO STOP? Understand that your inability to stop has nothing to do with you, but how the brain is designed. And also learn how you can easily bypass that mental resistance to stopping with what I teach you.

HOW DO  I “GET OVER” MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY CIGARETTES OR VAPE? Get the insider scoop on how to be ready to break up with your smokes so that you can finally move on.

HOW DO I OVERCOME WITHDRAWAL AND CRAVINGS? I will show you how smoking withdrawal and cravings mostly come from your mind, and how you can use your mind to easily shift out of them.

WHY DO I KEEP GOING BACK TO SMOKING AFTER STOPPING? Get the easy mental strategy that helps you eliminate feeling deprived so that you don’t gain weight or try replacing your habit with another unhealthy habit.

HOW CAN STOP SMOKING HYPNOTHERAPY HELP ME QUIT SMOKING? Finally, understand how hypnosis has been found to be 8 times more effective than nicotine replacement. You'll also learn that you no longer need to wonder “How do I find hypnosis to stop smoking near me?” because the Smokefree123 stop smoking hypnotherapy process is the fast, easy, affordable choice to stop smoking from the comfort of your home. 

And much, much more!


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Are You Ready to Become a the Happy and Healthy Non-Smoker That You Desperately Want to be?

You can quit smoking cold turkey! And Smokefree123 makes it easy. Over 10,000 people have already found freedom using this proven program. You can be the next person to become free from the slavery of smoking or vaping.

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