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Stop smoking with Rita Black




"How to Stop Smoking (or Vaping)

Without Withdrawal, Cravings or Weight Gain"

Learn how to end the slavery easily and naturally so you can be free...


Here's what you'll learn...

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3 Mental Stop Smoking Secrets

Eliminate what most people think of as “craving”, “withdrawal” and “deprivation” (that can lead to weight gain).

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That keep you unable to stop permanently and HOW TO AVOID them.

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My 3 Step Process that Can Remove Your Mental Resistance

So that becoming a non-smoker can be a joyful (not painful) experience.

What others are saying...

Smokefree123 Testimonial

It's so nice not coughing, wheezing, or hacking up a lung anymore! Rita specifically designs this to set you up to SUCCEED in staying a happy, healthy non-smoker for the rest of your life.

You just know she truly cares for you and wants you to succeed. I never thought I could quit smoking for good. Until now!

Chris Beaton | Smokefree123 Member
Vicki Radovsky Smokefree123 Testimonial

This program was just what I needed to put the vaping down for good. Thank you! 

Sheila Y. | Smokefree123 Member




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Three months today! After 12 years of being off cigarettes, I started smoking again. I didn't think I had another quit in me. I did everything I could to stop on my own and wasn't able to sustain more than a day or two. I finally had enough and found Rita's Smokefree123 program. 
I'm so so grateful. Thank you, Rita and Smokefree123! 
Reginar L | Smokefree123 Member
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I’m officially on 18 days as a non smoker and feel really positive about all of it! I have more energy than ever before, feel like the color has come back to my face, and I love the fact my hair isn’t a putrid mess - I’m just so dang happy!!

It's just incredible! I’m super happy with your program and have been recommending it to anyone who will listen.

Allie S. | Smokefree123 Member

Here's what one of our attendees experienced in our FREE MASTERCLASS!

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Take Your First Step to Freedom!


A note from Rita Black your teacher...

As a former pack-and-a-half a day smoker I get feeling owned by cigarettesBut as a leading stop smoking and vaping expert I also know that the secret to your stopping PERMANENTLY isn’t about willpower, it’s about MIND POWER.

Here’s the good news--most of successfully stopping for good is MENTAL--not physical. When you have your mind in the right place you can become free.

Wouldn’t it be great to...


  • Feeling like an addict
  • Worrying about your health
  • Being ashamed that you haven’t stopped


  • Getting the mental edge over your smoking/vaping habit
  • Knowing that you can end the slavery for good
  • Feeling confident and ready--you got this!

I look forward to sharing the mental secrets with you. 

Stop smoking with Rita Black
How to stop smoking
Quit Smoking
Stop Smoking

See you in class!

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