How Smoking Impacts Ketosis

Are You Following a Ketogenic Diet?

If you are on a ketogenic diet and doing intermittent fasting, or are just doing a regular ketogenic diet and are also smoking, you may want to keep reading. I have some information that may impact your ketosis, your low carb regime or your intermittent fasting. And it’s very important information for you to know. It might encourage you to stop smoking cold turkey once and for all. 

Here’s What I See in My Practice

I have a large practice located in Los Angeles where I help people to stop smoking cold turkey, in only one session of stop smoking hypnotherapy. Many of my clients are people who are very health conscious and into healthy eating and/or losing weight. A lot of people are intermittent fasting these days. And a lot of people are on the Ketogenic Diet.

What they don't know before they come to see me is their smoking is actually elevating their blood sugar insulin levels. If you’re intermittent fasting you want to...

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