Are You Trying to Stop Smoking by Switching to Vaping?


If you’re someone who started vaping in order to stop smoking, you may have found yourself vaping way more than you were smoking in the first place.

In my clinical smoking cessation practice, I have many smokers who tell me stories about how they started vaping to “be healthier”. But now, instead of their former 10 a day habit with cigarettes, they got hooked on Juul or the Puff Bar. They tell me that they’re waking up and vaping all morning, hiding in their office vaping, even waking up in the middle of the night to vape.


If it does, let’s start with the question...why are people vaping?

The nicotine part of vaping is very powerful but the force that drives people to vape way more than they smoke is dopamine. And dopamine is the reward center of the brain.

Nicotine is part of it, but the majority of that agitated feeling you get is dopamine. Once you understand that, you can...

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Why You're Vaping More Than You Smoked

Were you one of those who got caught in the trap of trading in cigarettes for vaping?

No one could blame you. After all, these vaping companies paid big money to convince people that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes.

But you’ve probably now found yourself vaping more than you were smoking to begin with. Am I right?

You might even go nuts when you can’t find your vape device, or run out of vape juice.

You probably vape in places that you wouldn’t normally smoke cigarettes, or in places that you weren’t able to smoke at before you started vaping.

You’re not alone on that.

In this video, I explain why you’re vaping more than you were smoking. And here’s a hint, it’s not just the nicotine.

And, I cover ways that you can stop vaping so much, or at all if you choose. 

And if you’re tired of the constant vaping and want to stop vaping cold turkey, I have some great news for you. My free online masterclass, How to Stop...

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