How to Uncouple Wine and Cigarettes

Cheers darling.

Do wine and cigarettes go together for you like Romeo and Juliet, or like cheese and crackers? Well, here's the thing...if you've been trying to quit smoking cold turkey but the wine and cigarettes have become a problem for you, or you always go back to smoking when you drink, there's probably a couple of mistakes that you’re making that you can easily correct so that you can consciously uncouple the wine from the cigarettes.

My name is Rita black and I am a clinical hypnotherapist and I am the creator of Smokefree123, which is an online stop smoking hypnotherapy program. I am a smoking cessation specialist and I am most importantly, a former pack and a half a day smoker. 

I Used to Love Smoking While Drinking my Glass of Wine

I used to drink wine and smoke a lot of cigarettes at the same time. And I did think that wine and cigarettes were the perfect pair. They were kind of just like two peas in a pod, so to speak. But if you want to quit smoking cold turkey, learning how to have the wine without needing the cigarettes is a huge thing. I did it, and so can you!

Mistake #1 is All About Identity

One of the first big mistakes that I see clients making all the time, is that they go back to smoking because they missed it. They missed smoking. The problem was, they quit drinking that glass of wine so that they wouldn’t smoke. But what they really miss is enjoying their glass of wine.

What happens is we take away the cigarettes and then we're afraid to drink wine, because we think we're going to want cigarettes when we drink wine. But when we're focusing our mind on being a smoker, who enjoys a glass of wine, our mind will start to adapt and see it from a different perspective. But if we're focusing on the deprivation, then we are going to only see that cigarettes should be part of this picture. 

Mistake #2 is Becoming a Victim

The second mistake you make is you'll drink wine, but you're focusing on the fact that there should be a cigarette here. So you become a victim of cigarettes, because you're drinking the wine and thinking, “oh, if only I could have a cigarette with the wine”.

When you become a non-smoker for real, you need to start living your life. You can't be a hermit in a cave, not going out and being social, not drinking wine and enjoying it socially. Otherwise you'll fall back into the trap of smoking.

There’s More Going on Than Just a Coupling

See, when we smoke and drink, what was happening often is that we are enjoying ourselves. We're out with our friends or we’re coming home from a long day and we're having a glass of wine and the cigarette becomes a part of this relaxation process that the brain associated with smoking and wine. But when you begin to become a non-smoker, you can come home and have your glass of wine or go out with your friends in order to glass of wine as a non-smoker.

There are millions and millions of people who enjoy wine as non-smokers. So I know once you change your perspective, you can begin to be one of those non-smokers who absolutely enjoys the smell, the aroma, the taste, the texture, the whole ambiance of wine, enjoying a good friend and  good conversation with a glass of wine, and enjoying a good book and a glass of wine. 

In Conclusion

You can have all of these things I just mentioned in your life as a non-smoker. The alcohol industry is booming. Less people are smoking, so don't disempower yourself with a limiting belief that cigarettes give you anything other than choking you with smoke and actually taking your pallet away so that you can't even enjoy the really fabulous textures and different layers of flavor in a glass of wine.

A whole new world opens up to you around wine when you enjoy your glass of wine as a non-smoker. So, cheers darling, here's to you! You absolutely can stop smoking cold turkey. And if you would like to become a happy, healthy non-smoker, check out my free training that helps you remove the mental roadblocks that are getting in your way. 


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