Are You Ready to Stop Smoking Cold Turkey?


Think you are ready to quit smoking cold turkey? Really? Have you ever “thought” you were ready but then tried to quit smoking cold turkey and it didn’t work out? Did you know that about 80% of people who try to quit smoking are not really ready to stop smoking? Not being ready when you try to quit smoking is the main reason that most people don’t succeed-hands down.

If you've been trying to quit smoking and have been frustrated about the fact that you can stop for a day or two days, but you keep going back, chances are you just might not be mentally ready to quit smoking yet. 

I have made this AM I READY TO QUIT SMOKING QUIZ that is going to actually help you get really clear on whether or not you’re ready to truly stop smoking for good, not just stop smoking, but to stop smoking permanently. 

Now, don't worry, I'm won’t be grading you on this.

Good NEWS-even if you aren't quite ready to quit smoking, you can learn how to get ready with what I am going to share with you.

Just answer the following 4 questions YES/NO.


QUESTION #1: Is the idea of becoming free from smoking more exciting than the idea of keeping on smoking? 

This a question that I always ask a person who isn’t quite sure if they are ready...In other words, is, is what you are getting from smoking currently more exciting to you than what you know that you can get from being a non-smoker? 

And the answer really should be that you  are absolutely excited about stopping smoking. Yes, you can be a little afraid too, but the feeling should be like, wow, I'm going to be free. I'm going to have my health. And the way to really get yourself excited is to really think about who you want to be. 


Because our brain really wants to be inspired. Becoming a non-smoker isn't about deprivation. It's about transformation. If you think quitting smoking as a transformational journey, you can start to think about this from a more powerful place and get yourself excited rather than afraid.

Most of what you're afraid of isn't even real. It is just the smoker part of your brain trying to keep you down, trying to keep you afraid because that smoker part of your brain wants you to keep right on smoking. 

QUESTION #2: Are you stopping smoking only for your health? 

This is an interesting question. Now if the answer is yes, then you want to think twice because you might not be really ready. Why? I get many clients or have many people who are interested in my online program Smokefree123 that say “I'm stopping smoking, I have COPD, I have emphysema, I have cancer” and those are the things that they’re worried about. They're worried about getting sick, or they're just not feeling well and they're just doing it for their health. 

The problem with this is that the part of your brain that smokes doesn't care about your health. And that's why you can hear all medical reports about how bad smoking is for you but in a way it makes you just want to go outside and light up a cigarette, right? 


It doesn't really help to be just focused on the health aspect. The problem with just focusing on health is, if you're feeling bad, like let's say you have a sore throat from smoking or you can't perform as well. When you quit smoking temporarily, you'll feel better, right? We feel better almost immediately after stopping smoking. 

But you then after awhile you will forget how bad smoking made you feel.  And that's often when people go back to smoking, when they forget how bad it makes them feel. They think,”Oh, now I'm better, let me just have one.” But of course one is never just one...and then they fall back into that old habit. 

So we want to find something bigger than just our health. It has to be more about our freedom and more about our transformation and our evolution as a human being. Being free, being more powerful because becoming a non-smoker really opens up a whole other part of our brain to be able to manage stress and emotions and to feel more confident.

So focus more on the empowerment. You can use health too, of course, but you need something else that's going to pull you forward above and beyond that. 

QUESTION #3: Are you quitting for others or are you quitting for you? 

A lot of times we will quit for other people: our children, our parents, our spouses. Maybe we're going away on vacation and other people are going to be non-smokers there and we don't want to smoke around them or feel that embarrassment. Maybe we're quitting smoking  just because all of our friends have quit and they're demanding that we quit. Or our doctor is saying you need to really stop smoking. 


Here’s the thing...You cannot quit for you family or friends or even quit for your doctor.You need to quit for you. Again, I am going to repeat myself-but quitting smoking and becoming a non-smoker is a journey of transformation. It needs to come from the inside out. You can listen to them all. You can say, “thank you very much for sharing but  I need to stop when I am ready.” 

And when you really make that decision deep down that you are ready and that you are making that decision for you, to change your life, to take back your power and your freedom and your health, then you will become a non-smoker. But you can't do it for anyone but yourself. You have to do it for you. And this is your journey. You’ve got to take ownership of this. And once you do, you can be free. 

QUESTION #4: Are you more afraid than excited, yes or no? 

If you are afraid to stop it may not be the best time for you to quit smoking yet, but you can start to create that vision of yourself as a non-smoker and start to build on that vision and you will soon be more excited than afraid. 

Every single human being yearns to be their best self.  Qutting smoking is a journey of becoming your best self-because you will have your freedom and power back from the slavery of smoking or vaping. Once you're really on that powerful non-smoking journey-it will take you past the superficial wanting to stop for your health.


The more clear you are that you are doing this journey for you, I assure you, the quicker you are going to be truly ready to put it behind you for good. I encourage you to watch my free video training called "How to Stop Smoking Without Withdrawal, Cravings, or Weight Gain". Get the mental secrets to not only be ready to quit smoking but to have it be easy and permanent using stop smoking hypnotherapy! Register here.


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