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Here's what you'll learn...

  • 3  MENTAL STOP SMOKING SECRETS  to eliminate what most people think of as “craving”, “withdrawal” and “deprivation” (that can lead to weight gain).
  • 3 COMMON QUITTING MISTAKES that keep you unable to stop permanently and HOW TO AVOID them.
  • My 3 STEP PROCESS that can remove your mental resistance so that becoming a non-smoker can be a joyful (not painful) experience.

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A note from Rita Black your teacher...

As a former pack-and-a-half a day smoker I get feeling owned by cigarettesBut as a leading stop smoking and vaping expert I also know that the secret to your stopping PERMANENTLY isn’t about willpower, it’s about MIND POWER.

Here’s the good news--most of successfully stopping for good is MENTAL--not physical. When you have your mind in the right place you can become free.

Wouldn’t it be great to...


  • Feeling like an addict
  • Worrying about your health
  • Being ashamed that you haven’t stopped


  • Getting the mental edge over your smoking/vaping habit
  • Knowing that you can end the slavery for good
  • Feeling confident and ready--you got this!

I look forward to sharing the mental secrets with you. 

Stop smoking with Rita Black

What others are saying...

Smokefree123 Testimonial

It's so nice not coughing, wheezing, or hacking up a lung anymore! Rita specifically designs this to set you up to SUCCEED in staying a happy, healthy non-smoker for the rest of your life. You just know she truly cares for you and wants you to succeed. I never thought I could quit smoking for good. Until now!

Chris Beaton | Smokefree123 Member
Vicki Radovsky Smokefree123 Testimonial

Thank you!!! You have saved my life! As a pack and a half smoker for over 20 years I thought it would be impossible to quit. My wife signed me up for the program with Rita. This program was a game changer, life saver and the best thing I've done to improve my health and all over well being! Get her program and end it a NON-SMOKER!!

Peter C. | Smokefree123 Member

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