She Smoked Forever But Stopped in a Second

stop smoking testimonial Jul 17, 2019

When we have smoked for decades, it’s hard to believe that we will ever be able to stop smoking cold turkey.

But I Promise It's Possible

Many of my smoking cessation clients who come to my office or use my online hypnosis based program Smokefree123 for stop smoking hypnotherapy, can’t even remember a time when they didn’t smoke. That creates a lot of fear and self-doubt.

Like Leila (see testimonial below). She smoked for over 30 years and over a pack a day. She had COPD and knew she had to stop smoking but she just couldn’t. Maybe you can relate. You might have been smoking for decades, and you might even have developed health issues or struggles thanks to the habit. And you would love to stop smoking cold turkey, but you're stuck in the cycle of fear and doubt.


I bet you know people who stopped smoking and it was really, really hard. Maybe they even went back. I bet you also know people who stopped on a dime and it was easy. Do you know what the difference is? Being mentally ready.

No matter how much you are currently smoking, no matter how long you have smoked for, you can stop smoking cold turkey in only a second. That’s because that’s all it takes for the mind to shift from smoker to non-smoker. There isn't a secret and magical formula to stop smoking. Those other people who quit aren't stronger than you. They just found a way to mentally prepare themselves.


With my stop smoking hypnotherapy method, I prepare my clients to be ready mentally, and in the state of hypnosis the mind can let go of a lifetime of smoking and can embrace the new life as a non-smoker. Leila was one of my clients who went through my proven program and succeeded in stopping smoking.

“Would never have believed it, but it worked! I feel empowered and grateful to have found Rita's program. Strongly recommend if you are serious about becoming a non-smoker. Her program, Smokefree123, saved my life!” -Leila M.

Maybe you feel like you'll be a slave to cigarettes forever. Maybe you've tried patches, gum, medications...and nothing worked. Trust me, you are NOT alone. So many people (myself included!) try everything to quit smoking cold turkey, and when they can't, they feel like a failure. What finally worked for me was hypnosis. 

And it worked so well, that it led me to become a certified clinical hypnotherapist myself, so that I could help others like me. 

My Own Struggles Led Me Here to Help You...

My 3-step specialized, stop smoking hypnotherapy process has shifted over 10,000 smokers to non-smokers over the last two decades with around a 95% success rate. If you'd love to have a success story like Leila's there's hope. Check out how it can work for you by clicking here.



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