Don't Start Vaping to Stop Smoking

stop smoking vaping Mar 05, 2019


If you’re wanting to quit smoking cold turkey and are thinking of using a vaping device, I just want to weigh in on this and give you my advice. If you or someone you love is considering stopping smoking by using some sort of vaping device, I want to give you a different perspective than what's commonly out there.

You really do not want to use vaping or e-cigarettes to stop smoking cold turkey. And I’ll tell you why in a moment. Just so you know, I am a former pack and a half a day smoker, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a smoking cessation specialist. So I smoked a ton in my day, and now I have helped over ten thousand people stop smoking using my stop smoking hypnotherapy program.

I see a ton of people in my clinical practice and I hear what’s going on, and people are coming into me with these vaping habits that are incredibly detrimental and they’re vaping more than they used to smoke. And I want to explain why this happens. They’re innocent people who just want to quit smoking, like you, and someone said, “Use a vape and you’ll stop.” And the marketing on these products has just been amazing. They make you think that they’re healthier for you and it’s a great alternative to stop smoking.


I listen to the marketing on the vaping and the e-cigarettes and think that these guys are just brilliant. But let me just point out, that you really want to listen with a cautionary stance. Really listen to the people who are saying to try these things that they’ll help you stop. And this is why.

Up until you started smoking, your brain wasn’t wired for smoking at all. And then you started smoking. And therefore, you started training your brain to start expecting cigarettes at certain times of the day. So maybe right now, you wake up and you smoke a few cigarettes before you start your day. And then you smoke on the way to work. But at work, you might have to go a couple of hours without a cigarette. It’s just not cool to smoke or maybe even prohibited.

There are a lot of reasons why at certain times of day you can’t smoke. And with our brains, when smoking isn’t an option, our minds don’t bother us for a cigarette. So you can go for a while without a cigarette. And during that time, your physical withdrawal from cigarettes isn’t that big of a deal. You might be smoking twenty cigarettes a day, but in between those twenty, there are probably lapses in time where you can’t smoke.


So now, in comes e-cigarettes or vaping. The distinction between these, is that there’s a lot more nicotine in these new vaping devices. I hear about these all of the time from friends and clients. And they’re saying, “I used to smoke a half a pack of cigarettes a day, and now I’m puffing on this vaping device all day long.” Even teenagers are vaping constantly, and it’s because their brain has become obsessed. 

The reason why, is that the majority of what drives your smoking is not physical, it’s mental. So when you start using a vape instead of cigarettes, and you can smoke it inside, and mask the smell, it makes it possible for kids to smoke in their rooms and at school, and adults to smoke in the office or in their homes.

It’s become an absolute epidemic. Because what happens, is that your brain expects that you can smoke that e-cigarette or vaping device all of the time, it’s always bothering you for it and always distracting you for it. It’s like a little monkey always on your back, reminding you to constantly puff away at it.

So instead of these lapses of time where smoking isn’t an option, with these devices, you’re thinking about it all of the time and it’s become a major obsession, worse than cigarettes.


I care about you and I want you to become a non-smoker. And it may sound crazy for you to hear that I want you to become a non-smoker and not vape, but you really don’t want to be getting into that stuff. Becoming a non-smoker is not about deprivation, it’s about transformation.

The allure of these other devices is that you won’t feel deprived because you’ll have this other thing to replace cigarettes. But at the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather be free? I know you want to be healthier, and at the end of the day, being free from both cigarettes and vaping devices is healthier and better for you.

If you want more information about becoming a non-smoker using stop smoking hypnotherapy, you definitely should check out my 3 Steps to Stop Smoking Permanently video. It dives into the mental aspects of stopping smoking and how you can remove those mental roadblocks.


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