How Does Smoking Impact the Effects of the Coronavirus?


Are you concerned about smoking and the coronavirus?

You’re probably smoking more than ever right now. You’re stressed, worried, concerned, and your normal routine has been completely turned upside down. But at the same time, you’re concerned that if you don’t quit smoking cold turkey, the coronavirus could impact you even worse than if you didn’t smoke.

In this video, I cover the risks of smoking and coronavirus, how quickly your lungs recover once you stop smoking cold turkey, and how it is possible to quit smoking during this time of stress and concern.

Here’s why you’re watching today…

  • You’re finding yourself smoking more than usual
  • You want to know if it is possible to quit smoking cold turkey even when it feels like the world has been turned upside down
  • You’re scared about how your smoking can make the coronavirus worse should you get it

Trust me, I understand. I once was a heavy smoker myself. And then I used quit smoking hypnotherapy to free me from my addiction to cigarettes. And now, I’m one of the top smoking cessation experts and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I spend every day helping people to quit smoking cold turkey, over 10,000 people to date, to be exact.

Are you ready to quit smoking using hypnosis? Have you tried every other method out there, and you’re feeling like you’ll never stop smoking? Here’s some good CAN stop smoking! And you can quit smoking without withdrawal, cravings or weight gain.

And I offer a free, online masterclass that teaches you exactly that, and so much more. Register here, and get started on your journey to a smoke free, happy and healthier life.


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