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Need some inspiration? 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we can ever stop smoking. Especially if we have struggled to stop smoking in the past.

Here are a few stop smoking quotes to give you some motivation to quit smoking cold turkey, and for good.

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After the final no there comes a yes. And on that yes, the future world depends.” -Wallace Stevens

When we struggle and fail to quit smoking cold turkey (or vaping) a number of times or with various nicotine replacement therapy--it’s hard to have faith in ourselves and our ability to finally be able stop smoking permanently. It’s easy to believe “No. I can’t do this. I will never stop.” Having this limiting belief makes it even harder so try to resist.

Did you know that many people try to stop smoking 7-30 times before finally being successful? The quit smoking timeline is different for everyone.

Don’t give up! The key is to believe in yourself--you can become a non-smoker. Say to yourself everyday, “I can and will become a non-smoker” to get your deeper mind used to this new belief. One day soon you will be free and you will be saying “Yes, I am a non-smoker!”

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." -Alice Walker

When most smokers think about how to quit smoking cold turkey, they don't consider how much power they have given over to cigarettes in their mind. The mental dependency that smokers have to cigarettes or e-cigarettes is what creates most feelings of agitation and craving after quitting smoking.

We come to believe that we need to smoke when we have coffee, finish a meal and even drive our car. We believe that we need to smoke when we feel emotions or socialize. Can you see how much power we give over to smoking that it doesn’t deserve?

Can you see that in order to stop smoking easily you must begin in your mind first and take back your power?

You were once a non-smoker--even if you cannot remember-- and there was a time you felt emotions, woke up, and finished meals as a non-smoker. 

You can practice being a non-smoker in your mind first. This quit smoking meditation will help your mind to take back the power you gave away to smoking and give it back to you. Visualize doing all of the associations you have with smoking, like drinking coffee as a non-smoker, in your mind first. This will help your mind see you as a non-smoker before you even stop and make becoming a non-smoker so much easier.

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"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." -J.K. Rowling

I have come learn that many smokers think they need to be superhuman to stop smoking. 

Smokers feel like if they somehow have more willpower or more discipline that they could stop. And that is exactly why they haven’t stopped smoking yet. So they wait and wait, hoping for that moment when magic occurs and they will be a better person than they are now and finally be strong enough to quit.

I have helped thousands of people stop smoking and do you know what the true secret sauce is?

 It isn’t willpower and it isn’t discipline. It is MINDPOWER...making the choice to become a non-smoker.  

Choose to become a non-smoker with 100% of yourself. Never underestimate the life-bending power of your ability to choose. 

"Don't ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own." -Michelle Obama

When you become a non-smoker, it is no small feat. It inspires all of those around you. Your friends, your kids, your co-workers and community.

I have clients who are famous CEOs, world-leading politicians and celebrities who have quit smoking with me and many of them will confide in me after becoming a non-smoker that it was the most important thing that they have done in their entire life.

When you become a non-smoker you become a leader--you show the world a path of freedom and courage. You will earn respect from others but most importantly, you earn respect from yourself.

When you become a non-smoker it will change your world and it will change the world at large.

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I hope you have enjoyed these quit smoking quotes and inspirational messages.

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