Why am I so passionate about you becoming a non-smoker?

Why am I so sure of your success, even when you aren't?


How I went from a pack and a half a day smoker, to a world renowned smoking cessation expert.

Before I became to the go-to person for stopping smoking, I was once an avid smoker myself.

  • I struggled with my addiction.
  • I constantly felt ashamed and hid my smoking addiction from family and co-workers.
  • I just couldn't give up my cigarettes even though I desperately wanted to and knew that I should. 

My Smoking Story...

There I was, trying to light a cigarette behind my parent’s garage. It was raining like it usually does in Seattle, making it more difficult and the wind kept blowing out my light. Damn!

I felt like a fiend, frantically trying to light it to get my fix-at the same time hoping my parents didn’t see me. I sound like a rebellious teenager, don’t I? Ironically, I was a 30-year-old woman, visiting my parents, feeling like a slave to my pack-and-a-half a day habit and afraid that I was never going to be able to stop.

I started smoking in my teens to be cool in high school, but quickly became addicted and smoked as much as a pack-and-a-half a day for many years. At first it was fun. I felt like smoking helped me with my nerves, my weight, my social awkwardness.

But then the fun started to fade, replaced by fear about my health. Also I felt so controlled. I really believed I needed smoking to do about every single thing in my life. I tried to stop many times but was never successful.

Hypnosis Was My Last Resort

A friend had suggested I try it. Hypnosis to stop smoking sounded whacky to me at first, but I was willing to give it a shot, because everything else had failed.

The smoking cessation hypnosis session felt so relaxing, not like mind control (like I thought it would be) but more like I was making a deep decision to be a non-smoker in a relaxed state. I left the session and felt something had shifted-not like cigarettes were erased from my memory-but more like they were in my past.

Becoming a non-smoker made my confidence soar! I felt so proud and that translated into my getting healthier, losing weight, and then deciding to become a hypnotherapist to help others become free as well.


Why Am I So Passionate About You Becoming a Non-Smoker?

I wake up excited every morning to help create more powerful non-smokers in the world.

I love being a part of people’s journey to transformation, because stopping smoking unlocks your mind to your unlimited potential.

Over 20 years I have helped over 10,000 smokers become non-smokers with my specialized hypnosis based stop smoking method. I honestly cannot get enough of helping people shift  from that place of feeling controlled by their cigarettes and mad at themselves, to being a happy non-smoker. A non-smoker who's free to go and begin living their lives to their fullest and healthiest potential.

I have worked with every type of person in my practice, from teens to 80-year-olds, once-in-awhile-smokers (yes they hate it too) to 4 packs-a-day smokers, big shots like celebrities, health gurus and CEOs, to normal folks like you and me. Heck, I even did a pro-bono case for a homeless man who really wanted to stop (he offered me some loose change but I said it was on the house.)

My Life Currently As A Non-Smoker...

I feel so much more healthier today in my 50’s as a non-smoker than I did in my 20’s as a smoker.

I am a heck of a lot more fit than I was, having lost 40 pounds, than when I stopped smoking. That’s right, I started eating better and exercising. So now I love to cook healthy meals and am currently teaching my two children how to cook and be healthy.

Unlike the old days when I was sitting and smoking most of the hours of the day, I love to be active. I hike and hit the gym many days of the week. I love to work out with my kids, or friends or my hubby (a former 2-pack a day smoker).

In the summer I love to go to the beach and body surf with my family. I love taking super deep breaths of air and diving under the waves. I would have never been able to do that in the old days.

Last summer I even learned to surf-that’s right, in my 50s! I would have never even dreamed of doing that when I was coughing and tired all of the time as a smoker.

It's Your Turn to Write Your Success Story...

Becoming a non-smoker opened a door to a whole other way of seeing myself, believing in myself and living a life I was proud of living. Imagine if all of us felt amazing, healthy, free and powerful-what an amazing world it would be! I want to live in THAT world. That is my goal, to help fill the world with happy, healthy non-smokers. So now it's your turn...what is your non-smoking success story going to be? Are you ready to start? I believe in you and the non-smoker within you. Are you ready to set them free?


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